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Active flow control for load control of wind turbine blades

Lupe [1]

Contact: Sirko Bartholomay [2]

Experimental analysis of active flow control to alleviate fluctuating loads on wind turbine blades are conducted on the Berlin Research Turbine. The Turbine is equipped with a large number of sensor and actuators to drive trailing edge flaps. Within the large wind tunnel (GroWiKa) reproducible (disturbed) inflow conditions are created that the turbine is exposed to. In the current project trailing edge flaps are employed to counteract these fluctuating loads and thereby to reduce fatigue.


S. Bartholomay, G. Michos, S. Perez-Becker, G. Pechlivanoglou, C. Nayeri, G. Nikolaouk, C. O. Paschereit (2018). Towards Active Flow Control on a Research Scale Wind Turbine Using PID controlled Trailing Edge Flaps. 2018 Wind Energy Symposium (p. 1245). [3]

S. Bartholomay, T. T. B. Wester, S. Perez-Becker, S. Konze, C. Menzel, M. Hölling, A. Spickenheuer, J. Peinke, C. N. Nayeri, C. O. Paschereit, K. Oberleithner (2020). Pressure Based Lift Estimation and its Application to Feedforward Load Control employing Trailing Edge Flaps. Wind Energy Science Discussions, in review. [4]

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